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BSC Physics Program

Teaching Sessions: on campus
SNIES code: 90980
Duration: 10 semesters
Time: day classes
Total credits: 157
Campus: Neiva - Huila
Level of Education: Professional


The BSc in Physics at the Faculty of Sciences has a mission related to the following aspects: the prediction of the phenomena associated with the natural sciences, advise industrial companies in the region and the country, as well as contribute to the services in the computational modeling of problems resulting from the study of situations. In addition, its mission is to achieve an understanding of biological systems and their application, going as far as to solving problems within the fields of medicine and engineering. The program must generate knowledge in physics and applied physics, in such a way that the professional future of physics is linked to scientific and technological development in tune with the guidelines and directions traced within the framework of university autonomy.


By 2024, the BSc Physics program will have competent professionals graduating both in Physics and applied physics. They will be able to take the lead at the local, regional and national level regarding processes of science and technology development: this will take place through the construction, development and application of theoretical and experimental physics, computational simulation of processes for analysis and modeling of physical phenomena. The program will be well positioned at a regional and national level because of the quality of its graduates and the curriculum that meets the needs of the South Colombian region. It will have two research groups, one in theoretical physics and the other in applied physics formed by its respective lines of research. They will be well placed for further studies such as a masters degree and Ph.D.

Type of Roles

Graduates will be able to act as coordinators or promoters of technical and scientific tasks in public and private companies. They will be able to design and coordinate projects in companies which are dedicated to the search for environmentally sustainable use of energy resources in our region. They will be able to perform in design, growth, and characterization of materials (ceramics and semi conduct) and the search for new materials and their applications. They will be well prepared to work in the Health sector, as Forensic Advisors, Medical Physics, and in the areas of Electro-medicine and Tele-medicine. They will be able to work as part of interdisciplinary teams to develop projects in research institutes as well as within the specialized teaching practice at higher education institutions.

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