Republic of Colombia
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BSc in physical education

Faculty of Education


BSc in Physical Education the mission to develop professional citizens in the field of education. These individuals with contribute to the generation and diffusion of the pedagogical, scientific-technological, and technical administrative knowledge that supports physical exercise, and they will aid in the integral, equitable, and sustainable development of the region and the country. In addition, the institutional and inter-institutional program will continue to implement and execute of plans and projects with an educational, investigative, administrative and social impact in southern Colombia, reflected in specific development plans for towns in the region and the country.


The BSc Physical Education will be recognized for its leadership at regional, national and international levels, with the development of plans, programs and institutional projects as well as research, social planning and formation of professionals. These individuals will have an impact on teaching, administration, sports preparation and recreation directed to children, teenagers, young adults, vulnerable population and individuals with special needs in Huila and the nation, in accordance with the appropriate actions of governing entities of education, sports and recreation.

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