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BSC Applied Mathematics

Qualified Registry: 02853 from February 16th, 2016
ICFES Registry: 54363
Duration: 9 Semesters
Credits: 156
Teaching Sessions: on campus
Campus: Neiva 
Level of Formation: Professional
Year in which the classes started: 2009-2


Train professionals in the field of Applied Mathematics who will contribute to the scientific and technological development of the region, and of the country.


Address the needs related to the foundation, application, and simulation of mathematical models, associated with social sciences, economics, natural sciences and their technological applications, such as engineering, computational mathematics, and dynamic systems.


Competent professionals, both in the specific area of ​​mathematics and in the area of ​​applied mathematics. They are able to lead and develop processes in technology and science at a local, regional and national environment.

Professional Profile

Given the vertiginous scientific and technological development caused by globalization, the following sources of employment for the graduate of this program are foreseen in the short and medium term:

  • Advisor and/or business consultant in models, methods, and techniques of mathematics. In particular: biomathematics, dynamic systems, mathematical economics, stochastic processes and design of experiments.
  • Teacher Researcher with advanced training in mathematics.
  • Participation in interdisciplinary groups that allow solving the relevant problems of the development of science and technology at the regional and national level.
  • Propose and execute projects on theoretical and applied developments of the different branches of mathematics.

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