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BA Mathematics Program

Faculty of Education


The BSc in Mathematics Program of the Education Faculty of Universidad Surcolombiana will train professors skilled in both the quality of the contents and the processes of teaching in formal and informal settings.

The program must impart knowledge in both the content area and in the field of pedagogy, so that the teacher will be involved in the processes of scientific, social, technological, cultural and political development, in tune with the guidelines in the University framework and its socio-political agreement in defense of public education.


By 2017, the BSc in Mathematics Program will graduate professionals competent in the specific area of mathematics as well as being pedagogically and socio-politically capable of leading the processes of teaching and learning, making mathematics a science. The program will be well positioned in a regional and national level, not only for quality of its graduates but also for the program’s study plan that addresses the requirements of its surroundings.

The program will have at least three research groups with professors and students, registered and recognized by COLCIENCIAS in accordance with the lines of investigation of the Education faculty.

These working groups will give the program the ability to make methodological proposals, initiate the offering of advanced training programs, provide scientific and technological services at the local and regional level, and provide the conditions to consolidate lines of research in both the content area and in the broader field of pedagogy.

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