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BSc Economics

Previous SNIES code: 111443300004100111100
New SNIES code: 19254 according to qualified registration resolution 793, 30th January 2012
Duration: 9 semesters
Time: day classes
Campus: Neiva
Teaching Sessions: on campus


To train economic science professionals who are innovators, critics, and generators of scientific and technological knowledge, resulting in solving problems of institutions, organizations and the social environment.


By 2024, the BSc Economics program will be recognized by the national and international academic community as well as general society for many reasons. Firstly, the continuous improvement of its academic and formative processes; secondly, for the relevancy and leadership in the study of national and territorial problems. Thirdly, developing the capacity to manage and innovate, improving the quality of life and coexistence of south Colombians and eventually, the entire country.

Type of Roles

Economic science professionals of Universidad Surcolombiana are capable of understanding the theoretical models and applying quantitative tools to:

  • Preparing useful information for people, companies, businesses and the state entities’ decision-making.
  • Economic decision making in companies, organizations and the state entities that tend for the economic and social transformation in search of greater economic efficiency and welfare.
  • Produce new economic knowledge through research in educational institutions and research institutions.
  • Voluntary work with vulnerable communities, contributing economic knowledge that allows them to develop their own abilities.

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