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BSc Applied Biology

SNIES code: 106544
Duration: 10 semesters
Total credits: 165
Teaching Sessions: on campus
Campus: Neiva
Level of Education: Professional
Year in which the classes started: 2018-2


The BSc in Applied Biology trains professionals with bioethical principles and the ability to appropriate social, scientific biotechnological changes. They also understand biological diversity as a result of investigative and educational interdisciplinary processes undertaken during their study. This allows them to propose solutions and improve the quality of lives on communities at the local, national and international level.


To be a leading institution that generates knowledge in biology. The institution will focus on hydrobiological and ecological resources, whilst anticipating and solving current and future needs of the south Colombian region and the country.


The BSc Applied Biology program trains professionals who will study living beings in natural and productive systems, studying animal and plant biology, biodiversity and conservation, with an emphasis on hydrobiological resources and ecology. This is fostered through practical experiences and formative research processes, where knowledge and innovation are generated consequently contributing to sustainable development in the economic and social areas.

Professional Profile

The biologist from Universidad Surcolombiana presents a set of knowledge, techniques, abilities, aptitudes, and attitudes that make them qualified to perform in:

  • Entities, university research institutes, zoos, captive facilities, botanical gardens, natural parks, institutes and private, public or mixed organizations and research centers leading research processes and scientific development contributing to the solution of problems related to biology and especially to hydrobiological resources and energy.
  • The development of consultancies and audits mainly in the fields of planning, management, conservation of natural and forest resources, agricultural, aquaculture, impact assessment and restoration of the natural environment.
  • Industrial sector developing responsible tasks in the technical, production and quality management areas participating in processes of biotechnology, industrial, agro-industry, agroecology, waste and wastewater treatment, and environmental pollution.
  • Teaching performance in university education and professional training, continuity and postgraduate studies in subjects related to scientific knowledge in general and life, ecology, and related sciences.
  • Form and lead companies that apply the knowledge of ecology in the identification, diagnosis, and assessment of problems and impact in the environment and implementation of environmental management plans.
  • Diagnose, analyze and propose solutions in different areas within the basic sciences and their applications (biotechnology, agricultural sciences, aquaculture, and ecology) in the south region as well as the rest of the country.

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