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BA Natural Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, And Biology

Faculty of Education


The BA Natural sciences: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in the Faculty of Education within Universidad Surcolombiana campus, has as its mission the training of teachers with human and integral sense. They are to be competent in order to practice the teaching of Natural science and environmental education at the elementary and high school levels in the educational system of Colombia. In the same way they are to be mediators, orienteers, active practitioners and innovators in the pedagogical processes regarding the natural sciences teaching activity. The BA Natural sciences: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology will form professionals who assume the educative action from the research perspective with a creative and dynamic nature. This is aimed also to indicate actively the formation of professors and other educative areas in the community in which its pedagogic activity is developed.

The program must generate knowledge not only in the specific area but also in the educational field, with the main objective of linking the student in the social, scientific, and technological development processes.


In the future, the Bachelor's Degree Program in Natural Sciences: Physics, Chemistry and Biology will be graduating competent educators both in the area of ​​Natural Sciences and in the field of pedagogy, with mastery of concepts and basic scientific theories of these disciplines and, at the same time, with a vision of science that is interdisciplinary and integrative. Also, they will be able to formulate pedagogical proposals in response to the demand of the application of scientific concepts. The Program will be well positioned at a regional and national level, not only because of the excellent competencies of its graduates, but also because of the syllabus of the program which responds to the requirements of the environment.

It will have a highly qualified teaching staff to attend the specific core subjects, committed to the didactic-pedagogical problems of these disciplines.

The Program will have at least three research groups, made up of professors and students of the degree, registered and recognized by COLCIENCIAS and in accordance with the research lines of the Faculty of Education. These research groups will allow the Program to make pedagogical and scientific proposals, initiate the offer of advanced training proposals, offer technical and advisory services in the scientific, technological and pedagogical field, both locally and regionally.

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