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Foundation Degree in Aquaculture

ICFES registry: 111426390804001111100
Duration: 6 semesters
Time: Day classes
Teaching Sessions: on campus
Campus: Neiva
File in which this program was constituted: Agreement 028 from May 22nd in 1996
Accreditation file: The program started with 35 registered students in the year 2000, Semester A.


  • Give assistance to the aspects of production, improvement and optimization processes within primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors linked to aquaculture activity, both nationally and regionally.
  • Development of research with a view to improving the processes mentioned above.
  • Development of advisory programs linking the business sector linked to aquaculture.
  • Generate knowledge in both specific and applied areas, especially scientific and technological development of aquaculture according to the guidelines and paths, outlined in the framework of university autonomy.


  • In 2010, Universidad Surcolombiana will graduate its first graduates with the new curriculum plan and with the qualified registry.
  • These graduates will be competent in the different areas of aquaculture continental, exactly in the field of production, genetic improvement, nutrition, and health aspects, which are able to lead the processes of technological and scientific development in local, regional, and national levels based on the sector’s needs.
  • After five years, the program will be part of a leading Aquaculture Research Center for the Southern region of Colombia.
  • One will be institutional and the other will be a national scientific community. In parallel to this, there will be three groups of research incubators as defined by the program and in accordance with environmental needs.
  • After a two-year term, the propaedeutic cycle system will have been implemented into the professional cycle.

Differences In Comparison With Other Programs

The most significant difference in comparison to other programs offered in the country is that the curriculum has been designed and based on a detailed study of the strengths and weaknesses of other existing programs in Colombia. The proposal also takes into account three nuclei: The University institution itself, the natural and exact sciences faculty and a more specific group.

Due to the high degree of aquaculture development in the state of Huila, the program has a large laboratory, and as there is a vast number of producers in the region, the University has sought agreements and commitments in order to allow the students to develop and undertake of practical activity by Aquaculture students. This gives the students access to technology in the surrounding area which is unparalleled.

The Continental Aquaculture Technologist must be able to:

  • Find solutions to practicalproblems in the cultivation and production of aquaculture species.
  • Participate in the advice and assembly of aquaculture companies.
  • Design and participate in education programs and technology transfer and promotion in relation to aquaculture activity.
  • Participate in and contribute to the region’s production, through the creation and strengthening of aquaculture companies.
  • Participate in research for the technological development of related activities, including the development of packages for the cultivation of new species.

Objective of the Program

  • The continental aquaculture foundation program has as its main objective AQUACULTURE PRODUCTION through the rational exploitation of organisms (animals and plants) and of fresh water considering the different categories, organization, levels, conservation, presentation, packaging, transport, and marketing within business management and self-management processes.
  • Form, update and improve human resources that consolidate our culture, knowledge, skills, and abilities for the citizens of our region (Surcolombiana).
  • Through human resource training, contribute to regional development via the creation and promotion of self-managed aquaculture companies.

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